I found “moon shots” to be very difficult at first, and then I began to figure out how to capture the light coming off the moon with contrast so that it didn’t turn into a big light bulb in the sky.  It helps to have a powerful zoom lens and excellent camera.  In my case, that means a Nikon D500 and Sigma 50-500mm zoom (which has an effective reach of 750mm on my APS-C camera).  The latter isn’t particularly fast (f4.5) but often the moon is so bright that’s not a concern.  I find a sturdy tripod is a must, however.

The thing about the moon is that it reminds us what a planet looks like without an atmosphere, it’s pocked marked surface showing the damage done when space objects don’t burn up on the way in.  Our beautiful, miraculous blue planet that is so unique in our solar system – our little life boat in the vast blackness of space – needs our respect and protection.  Look up and see the alternative.

Martha’s Vineyard Moon, July 2017.  Taken from the roof deck of the Mansion House Hotel, Vineyard Haven.  I don’t think I’ll do better than this without a telescope!

Halloween Moon, October 2017

Moon at Dusk, March 2017.  Shot handheld in my back yard.

Moonrise over Montauk Point, November 2016

Close Call.  Hallock State Preserve, North Fork LI.  November 25, 2017