Douglas Andrew Henderson is my full name, but I go by Doug. was an available domain name, so that’s why I’m using my full name and out of some sense of formality. Over the past few years, I rediscovered my interest in photography.  Photography was an interest in college and for a number of years post college but then, as often happens, life intruded on the hobby.  In my case that meant a 30 year or so gap in pursuing it as a passion but the good news is that I have more money these days to squander on gear!  Plus, business and personal travel takes me to many interesting places and the camera gives me a purpose to go out exploring. I have also discovered that my own backyard, both literally and also figuratively, is filled with plenty of great subjects to shoot. For 35 years, I lived on Long Island New York where my wife and I raised our family. More recently, we moved to Naples, Florida.  Beyond photography, which was the inspiration for this web site, I have always been deeply into music both as a guitar player and, mostly, as a fan.  My musical interests cover a broad spectrum, starting with the rock of my youth and extending deeply into jazz, classical, folk, country, world…you name it with a few exceptions.  My career has been in the audio industry for over 40 years, most recently for a bit more than a decade as president of Bowers & Wilkins North America and now Senior Vice President for JL Audio based in Miramar, Florida.  I intend to post on photography, music and general topics of interest to me. Thanks for visiting, accidentally or not!


Abandoned Farmhouse, Idaho.  September 2017

Where it all began. With Mom, Mary C. (Malanga) Henderson, Mineola NY, 1959  My mother was truly inspirational to me, the smartest person I’ve ever known. She was born July 16, 1928 and passed away January 3, 2012 after a long battle with Parkinson’s.  Along the way, she escaped depression era poverty in hardscrabble Elizabeth NJ with the help of her beloved mother Divina Malanga and a loving family, ultimately earning a PhD, teaching at a variety of universities including NYU, Columbia, Pace, William Patterson College and others (and to her great satisfaction, a guest lecture spot at Harvard).  She was the foremost scholar in the world of the New York legitimate theater (“Broadway” to the rest of us), curator of the Museum of the City of New York Theater Collection, member of the Tony Awards committee, and writer of numerous books on the theater, including The City and the Theater, Broadway Ballyhoo and Theater in America.  She was an incredible, loving mom to her three boys. She is always missed and never far from my thoughts. Mom was featured in a New York Times obituary, a well deserved honor.

Robert Morton Henderson was my dad, a handsome man who might have become a well known actor (his goal as a young man) but fate intervened, bringing him together with my mom in Pittsburgh where he was a student at Carnegie-Mellon University (then Carnegie Tech) and my mother was attending the University of Pittsburgh, both in master’s degree programs. He was born January 14,1926 in Muskegon MI. My grandfather, James F. Henderson, was a Canadian immigrant who had a long career as a sportswriter for the Muskegon Chronicle. My grandmother, Marion, was a music teacher. The depression was tough for the small family but they made it through. At 17, my dad entered the Navy during WWII looking to serve on PT boats (he must have thought they looked like the yachts on nearby Lake Michigan). Thankfully, he didn’t get his wish or I and my brothers might not exist so perilous was that service. Instead, he was assigned to a PB-4Y bomber off the Gulf Coast looking for enemy submarines. They were there but he never claimed to have bombed one, “only a whale or two.” After the service, my dad finished his BA at Michigan State (go State!), went on to Carnegie and then earned a PhD at NYU. He, too, is a published author. His career took him to Lincoln Center where he was Chief of the Library and Museum of the Performing Arts (how I hated saying that as a kid when asked what my father did!). It was a plumb job that connected him the arts, but he was not trained for it and I suspect he dreamt of greater glory. He retired from the Library and moved to Scottsdale AZ. Dad always had dogs in his life, right up to the end when he adopted a rescue named Jiggs. He passed at 91 May 21, 2007. A life well lived, a good man and better father.

Christmas with my Brothers 1962.  Rockville MD.  Christmas was always wonderful in our home.  Santa, as usual, got all the credit but it was mom and dad that made it real.  I have very fond memories of waking up just after my parents had gone to bed to sneak down and look at the tree.  Some how the living room went from empty to full of presents in an instant…and the cookies were gone from the table!  We wanted to believe long after we had figured out the truth!

Fall of 1979, age 20. I was on the last leg of the longest hitchhike of my life, from UVa in Charlottesville, VA to Granville, OH to return to Denison University for homecoming (I had attended Denison my freshman year), looping back through Washington DC on the way back. There were lots of adventures along the way. I never did something like that again!

Tokyo, Japan. 2007. My first trip to Asia, which included stops in Hong Kong and mainland China, for the B&W Group. I logged many miles over the next decade. My fascination with our world was only increased.

Lyon, France. 2013.  Lyon is a beautiful city bisected by the Soene and Rhone Rivers in the shadow of the Alps.  I had only a brief visit and hope to return one day.