Douglas Andrew Henderson is my full name, but I go by Doug. was an available domain name, so that’s why I’m using my full name and out of some sense of formality.  Over the past few years, I rediscovered my interest in photography.  Photography was an interest in college and for a number of years post college but then, as often happens, life intruded.  In my case that meant a 30 year or so gap in pursuing it as a passion but the good news is that I have more money these days to squander on gear!  Plus, business and personal travel takes me to many interesting places and the camera gives me a purpose to go out exploring. I have also discovered that my own backyard, both literally and also figuratively, is filled with plenty of great subjects to shoot. For 35 years, I lived on Long Island New York where my wife and I raised our family. More recently, we moved to Naples, Florida.  Beyond photography, which was the inspiration for this web site, I have always been deeply into music both as a guitar player and, mostly, as a fan.  My musical interests cover a broad spectrum, starting with the rock of my youth and extending deeply into jazz, classical, folk, country, world…you name it with a few exceptions.  My career has been in the audio industry for over 40 years, most recently for a bit more than a decade as president of Bowers & Wilkins North America and now Senior Vice President for JL Audio based in Miramar, Florida.  I intend to post on photography, music and general topics of interest to me.   Thanks for finding your way here, accidentally or not!

Abandoned Farmhouse, Idaho.  September 2017