I have always enjoyed photography. In my teens and college years, I often went wandering with a camera taking in the world around me, particularly in Manhattan where I worked at a part time job (our family lived in suburban New Jersey) and later in Charlottesville, VA where I went to college.  Although there are many mental and physical health benefits to taking a walk, a camera gives a walk purpose.  Taking a camera compels us to see the world more closely.  After many years away from photography, other than family snapshots, I bought a Nikon D5100 on impulse at Costco before a business trip to Europe. It came bundled with a 18-55mm and a 55-300mm zoom; certainly a good starter package.  I do a lot of business travel to interesting places and the iPhone just didn’t cut it for more serious photography, particularly at night when I typically had the free time to go wandering. The 5100 was a great place to start, but I soon got more passionate and stepped up to a Nikon D500. These days I have a bag of lens and a decent tripod, mono pod, speed light, remote release…among other accessories.  It’s a bit of an addiction and I’m lusting now for additional lens.  My skills have steadily improved but I am well aware of what a really great photograph is and I’ve taken only a few of those, perhaps being charitable to myself. The process of improving is a joy in itself, however. Life should be about continuous learning and photography – among other things – provides me that opportunity. The blog part of this site will highlight my journey but this page is intended to showcase a few favorites.
Battle over the Osprey Nest.  Shot at Bayard-Cutting Arboretum, Great River NY  April, 2017

2019 Photographs

Mama on her nest. January, 2019
The Last Sunset.  December 31, 2018
Dive Bomber.   February, 2019

2018 Photographs

Frozen Great South Bay.  January 7, 2018
The Big Freeze, Robert Moses Causeway.  January 7, 2018
Sunset, Blue Point.   January 1, 2018
Harbor Seal.   Cupsogue Beach, January 3, 2018
Bayshore Promenade.  January 11, 2018
Shinnecock Inlet.  March 6, 2018

2017 Photographs

Great South Bay, Sayville NY.  January 1, 2017
West Sayville Country Club.  March,2017
Winter Sunset.  Southhold, NY,  February 2017
Elk Sighting, Yellowstone National Park.  September, 2017
Montauk Point Light “The End”.  October, 2017
Bison Crossing.  Yellowstone National Park, September 2017
Grand Tetons. Grand Tetons National Park, September 2017
Yellowstone Lake at Sunrise.  Yellowstone National Park, September 2017
Old Faithful. Yellowstone National Park, September 2017
Pronghorn. Yellowstone NP Sept 2017
Rutting Bison.  Yellowstone NP, September 2017
The Old Man.  Yellowstone NP September 2017
The Fireworks Before the Fireworks.  Newport, July 4th 2017
Star Wars at Smith Point. October, 2017
Jockeying for Position.  Newport, July 4th 2017
Looking West.  Smith Point, October, 2017
Old Furnace State Park.  Killingly CT, October 2017
Liftoff!  Sayville, NY April 2017

2016 Photographs

Grand Canyon Snows. January, 2016
Sedona, AZ.  January, 2016
Montauk Point Super Moon (composite image), November 13 2016
Montauk Point Lighthouse. November 2016
Lovers on the Jetty (my “Turner”).  Brighton UK, October 2016  Interesting back story on this.  The night was pitch black and quite cold. I trudged onto the “beach” (actually shingle…small rocks that shift underfoot) with my gear and set-up my tripod.  I actually couldn’t even see the jetty beyond a big shadow and the camera couldn’t focus on anything.  I slowed the exposure way down to find some light and kept reshooting, manually focusing as best I could.  I had no idea there was a couple on the end until after I looked at the images on my computer in my hotel room.
Fort Trumbull, New London CT.  I commuted for over a decade to Boston from my LI home, using the New London Ferry as a short cut.  I passed Fort Trumbull, initially a Revolutionary War fort with the present one build between 1839 and 1852 and once home to the Coast Guard, dozens of times but only on one snowy day did I take the time to go look at it up close.  I’m glad I did.
The Top of Germany, Zugspitze.  May 2016.  At nearly 10,000 feet, Zugspitze sits on the German/Austrian border near the town of Garmisch.  On the advice of my friend Steve Curran, I took the train from Munich on what turned out to be a beautiful Saturday in May. Although ski season was over, the mountains were still covered in snow.  I only wish I had more time to explore Garmisch after going to the peak, but that latter was my goal and I was not disappointed!  Just an amazing vista to take in.