A City So Nice.  A very lucky shot , I had to turn in my seat and aim backwards as my plane approached LaGuardia Airport.  Thankfully it was a crystal clear day.  You can see all the way to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in the harbor, and the new World Trade Center “Freedom Tower” stands proud.  The three bridges in the picture from left to right are the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg.  If you are wondering about the Empire State, Chrysler and others, they are uptown of this view,

Truth be told, I prefer aisle seats so I can get up and stretch but if I’m going somewhere interesting I’ll choose a window seat and bring my camera (ok, I always bring my camera…but with a window seat I keep it handy).  I’ve learned how to shoot out of the window to take best advantage of the view (there are some tricks to it) and some of these photographs are pretty amazing considering the altitude and speed.  All of them were taken with one of my point and shoot cameras, the majority with my Nikon P7800, the New York City pics with my little Hasselblad.  Let me know what you think of them!

East River Perspective.  Shot the same day as the picture above, actually a few seconds before.  My son’s apartment building, 20 Exchange Place, is visible.  It stands just south of the Deutsche Bank Building (with the pointy roof) where he works.  I suggested he string a zip line between the two to save a few minutes walk.  He replied that he doubted it would save time…but he would get extra style points!  You can also see how close to sea level Manhattan is; this is why there was so much flooding during Hurricane Sandy…and why global warming is a serious threat to America’s largest city.

Whitestone Bridge in the Morning.  The Whitestone connects the Bronx to Long Island.

Whitestone and Throggs Neck Bridges.  As I driver, I would scan ahead as best I could to see which of the two bridges had the least traffic and then make a last second call.  Much easier to just fly over them.

Nashville Skyline!  A bit hazy, but the best I could manage.

The Cumberland River.  Just outside of Nashville.  Pretty muddy!

Lone Desert Cloud.  Somewhere over the Arizona desert.  Its very curious to me that only this one cloud was anywhere around.  How did he (or she) get separated from the herd?

Moonscape.  Somewhere over the Western US.  So much of the west looks like a truly alien landscape.

Utah Mountains.  Just outside of Salt Lake City.

Round Planet.  In case anyone was doubting, our planet is round!

Rocky Mountain High.  In Colorado…

Air Atkins.  This was shot on the way to Vancouver over the Canadian Rockies.  I was making a big circumnavigation of the continent in the private plane belonging to my boss at the time.  Very cool trip and a nice way to travel!

Frozen Fingers.  Boy, was it cold down there.  But interestingly, the lake was either a sheet of ice or somehow was not frozen over this day.

Montana Smoke.  A power station, I’m guessing.

A Grand Canyon.  This was, I believe, over Utah somewhere so not likely the actual Grand Canyon.

Another Grand Canyon.  This one might actually be the Grand Canyon.  It looks more like it but I’ve only ever seen it otherwise from the ground, so I’m not sure.  Guesses anyone?

Mt. Hood, Washington, October 2019. I had a beautifully clear day on a recent trip to Seattle. A lenticular cloud capped Mt. Hood to spectacular effect.

Somewhere over Newfoundland, Canada, from 38,000 feet. February 2019. I was returning from a trip to Amsterdam and the UK. Shot with my 500mm Sigma lens from the back of the plane.